Ask BLM to improve management plan for Otero Mesa and other precious areas

The Bureau of Land Management's Las Cruces District Office in April released a Draft Resource Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement for Sierra, Otero and Doña Ana counties in New Mexico. 

The draft has glaring deficiencies that require a much better job from BLM in preparing the final plan. Special places like Otero Mesa and Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks are at risk if the plan is not improved.

• Although BLM offices are required to maintain a comprehensive inventory of Lands with Wilderness Characteristics, this draft has a woefully incomplete inventory. Even a cursory Geographic Information System overview could identify roadless areas of 5,000 acres or more to be protected until a thorough inventory is completed.

• The BLM wants to defer a plan for oil and gas leasing for several years and then amend the RMP. In the meantime it proposes using earlier RMPs to direct leasing decisions. A moratorium on all oil and gas leasing would be a much more responsible approach until a leasing amendment is adopted.

• This draft plan has no Travel Management plan and leaves BLM’s 2.8 million acres in the Tri-County area open to cross-country travel in any kind of vehicle, from an ATV to a cement truck.

View the Tri-County Draft Resource Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement here

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