Senate Bill 638, the NC Farm Act of 2013

Please urge your legislator to remove the section of S 638 that would repeal protections for over half of North Carolina’s wetlands.

Part XV of S 638 eliminates protections for critical wetlands that clean water and control floods. Wetlands are nature’s natural filter, cleaning water before it enters groundwater supplies.

A single acre of wetlands can store almost 1 million gallons of water reducing the damage caused by flooding.

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Please oppose Part XV of Senate Bill 638, the NC Farm Act of 2013. SB 638 is an omnibus agricultural reform bill that has many sections important to the agricultural community but contains one section that would negatively affect North Carolina's water quality. If SB 638 passes, with Section XV intact, then over half of the wetlands in NC will not be protected because they are not classified as "waters of the United States".

The wetland provision in Senate Bill 638 isn't about helping agriculture as the isolated wetlands permitting rule already has an exemption for agriculture. Please protect North Carolina's clean water by removing Section XV from SB 638, the NC Farm Act of 2013.

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