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Tell Kaine and Warner to support Obama's climate change initiatives


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As early as next week, President Obama is expected to deliver a major address on what his administration is going to do about climate change.  We expect this to be very good news!  

We also expect to hear a lot of squealing like a stuck pig from the coal industry. You can bet that Dominion and big Virginia coal companies like Alpha Natural Resources already have their high priced lobbyists telling Senators Warner and Kaine that they must oppose these actions by the President in order  to "save" the coal industry and coal industry jobs in Virginia.  So, we need to tell them that they have a greater obligation to all of us to save the planet, and that there are smart ways to promote a just transition to clean energy jobs in our Appalachian coalfields! 


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Please support the President's initiatives to address climate disruption

Dear [Decision Maker],

The President has indicated that he will announce important new efforts to reign in climate change this week.

Most likely he will be directing the US EPA to develop and issue standards to limit industrial carbon pollution from new and existing fossil fuel plants. These power plants are the largest source of climate change pollutants in our country and it is time that they clean up their act.

When the coal and utility industry lobbyists tell you these regulations are too expensive and will cost jobs, I urge you to consider the devastation and expense from climate change: Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, wild fires raging across our country and sea level rising in Hampton Roads. The coal industries have been promising "clean coal" for at least 15 years and they've never delivered. Over the same time they've laid off thousands in the coalfields.

We can and must address climate change and at the same time adopt policies to provide for a just transition to new employment opportunities for our coal miners.

The time to act is now. Congress has been unable to pass climate legislation so President Obama is taking action with the authority he has under the Clean Air Act. I urge you to support initiatives by President Obama to address climate change. Please keep me informed of your position.

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