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Today, Michigan is losing the race to clean energy to almost 30 other states that have made the commitment to require clean, renewable energy at a faster rate and larger percent than our 10% by 2015 requirement.  Michigan's largest electric utilities know that the cost of renewable energy is lower today than ever (in fact they've reduced the surcharges for renewable sources of power because it is so cheap!). But when it comes to increasing their investments in clean, renewable energy instead of dirty coal, natural gas and nuclear, they are choosing old, dirty energy instead of looking to make Michigan more competitive and desireable for the future. 

But YOU can do something about this: The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) is beginning the biennial review of Consumers Energy's Renewable Energy Plan, and will soon do the same with DTE Energy.  The first step is a Public Hearing where YOU can offer comments and urge the MPSC to require Michigan's biggest electric utilities to adopt Sustainable Clean Energy Plans so that the people of our state are ready for the future!

MPSC Hearing on Consumers Energy Renewable Energy Plan
Constitution Hall, 525 W. Allegan Street, Lansing, MI  

You'll be able to provide comments to an Administrative Law Judge working on behalf of the MPSC to collect input on this issue.  Can't make it?  Take time to send a letter to the MPSC on this case below.  There will be more chances to add input later on as well, and soon the DTE Energy case will also be up for public hearing and comment, so please follow this issue with us! The hearings are open to anyone, but if you want to make sure which utility serves your area you can check this map of electric service areas.

Contact Anne Woiwode at anne.woiwode@sierraclub.org or Jan O'Connell at jan.oconnell@sierraclub.org or  (616) 956-6646, to learn more about the hearing. (To look at the electronic docket for the Consumers Energy Renewable Energy Plan biennial review, go to http://tinyurl.com/CMSREPlan)


  • Chairman John Quackenbush


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Thank you for taking my comments on Case No. 17301 - In the matter of the Application of Consumers Energy for Biennial Review of its Renewable Energy Plan.

I urge the Michigan Public Service Commission to require Consumers Energy to adopt a Sustainable Clean Energy Plan for Michigan because this would protect public health, our air and water quality, produce good, clean energy jobs in Michigan, and safeguard our families and communities.

In recent years the cost of coal in Michigan has increased significantly while renewable energy is declining in cost. Our over-dependence on outdated, dirty coal as an energy source has kept Michigan from competing and moving ahead, while Consumers Energy's customers struggle to pay ever-increasing electric bills. Meanwhile polluting coal plants continue endangering public health and our "Pure Michigan" way of life. In this challenging economy, Consumers Energy must move boldly and deliberately toward a clean energy future while ensuring that its customers are protected from costly electric bills. Electricity is an essential need, heats many homes and must be affordable for all Michigan families.

Consumers Energy must adopt a comprehensive Sustainable Clean Energy Plan with programs and policies that transition Michigan away from dirty, expensive coal and other non-renewable sources of energy. This Plan should seek to protect all customers, including Michigan's most vulnerable residents. This Plan should also protect communities and provide workers with training to transition their skills so that they can thrive in a clean energy economy.

Specifically, Michigan is missing out because solar only represents about 2% of Michigan's planned renewable energy, even though solar prices are falling dramatically nationwide and driving economic groups. Consumers Energy and the MPSC should support policies to cost-effectively expand the role of solar energy in Michigan, including expanding the Renewable Energy Standard and creating a statewide solar target. Consumers Energy should expand its successful consumer-owned solar programs as well. Expanding solar generation in our state will save Michigan families money, improve electric reliability and create jobs in the solar and other clean energy sector.

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