Protect Our Beaches - No Terminal Groins

The natural beauty and economic value of North Carolina' s public beaches and inlets exists today because our state leaders long ago adopted a conservative management policy that banned the use of hardened structures--seawalls, jetties and groins of any kind--from our coast.

That was until 2011.  In 2011, after years of trying to overturn the ban from many lawmakers, the legislature passed a compromise that allowed no more than four terminal groins.

That compromise is in danger.  Right now there are efforts to repeal the cap on the number of pilot projects as well as the financial and environmental safeguards in the 2011 compromise bill.  S 151 would allow groins and jetties to be built all along our coast.  Stand up and help save our beaches by asking your legislators to oppose S 151.

What does S 151 do?  It:

  • Repeals the requirement for financial assurance adequate to cover the cost of:

- long term maintenance and monitoring of the terminal groin;
- implementation of mitigation measures set out in the inlet management plan.
- restoration of public, private, or public trust property if the groin has an adverse impact on the environment or property.

  • Repeals the requirement that applicant for terminal groin show that structures are imminently threatened by erosion and that nonstructural approaches  are impractical;
  • Repeals the requirement that inlet management plan be adequate for purposes of monitoring and mitigating impacts;
  • Repeals the limitation on no more than 4 terminal groins;
  • Repeals the prohibition on local govt financing to construct terminal groin;
  • Repeals prohibition on use of state funds to construct terminal groin;
  • Repeals direction to DENR to adopt rules to implement terminal groin law.


Help save our beaches by encouraging your elected officials to oppose S 151, the Coastal Policy Reform Act of 2013.


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To protect our environment and our tax dollars, I urge you to vote NO on SB 151, Coastal Policy Reform Act of 2013, and that you ask your fellow Senators to do the same.

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