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Bobcat, River Otter Quota Proposed to End


The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is recommending an amendment to its rules that would expand the hunting/trapping season for bobcats and river otters from November through January.  The amendment would also remove the quota on both species; however, each person would be allowed two bobcats and one otter.  Read the Notice of Intended Action.


Photos credit: Iowa State University

The two species were extirpated (completely wiped out) and then experienced a rebirth -- repopulation by bobcats from surrounding states and the reintroduction of river otters in 1985.  Sierra Club Iowa Chapter disagrees with DNR that this new hunting season/quota elimination will offer sustainability for either species.

The Chapter is extremely concerned that the harvesters may take more bobcat than the population can sustain, an increase of coyote -- a natural predator of the bobcat -- and accidental takings will all contribute to the decimation of the bobcat.  River otters have made a comeback but the Chapter is concerned that a season extended by nine or 10 weeks will have a negative impact on both species because the DNR has no management plan for either species.  

Please consider attending the public hearing to be held on Thursday, May 23, at 1 p.m. in the fourth floor conference room of the Wallace Building in Des Moines.  If you cannot attend, please write comments in the space provided below and submit them to the DNR.

If you need help writing comments, you are invited to see the comments submitted by the Iowa Chapter and fashion your own comments.  See the Iowa Chapter's comments.

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Reconsider Longer Hunting Season, No Quotas for Bobcats and River Otters

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