Building Codes H 201

H 201 will soon be voted on by the NC Senate.

The bill would revert commercial building codes to 2009 standards, which are effectively 2004 standards. In other words, H 201 would reduce minimum energy efficiency requirements in commercial construction by 30%.

Mississippi, which has historically ranked last in the country in efficiency standards, has an improved building code going into effect on July 1, 2013.  South Carolina’s current minimum code for commercial buildings would be 15% more efficient than North Carolina’s if H 201 becomes law. 

For businesses seeking to open up shop in the Southeast, North Carolina would become far less attractive than our neighbors for the cost of operating commercial buildings.  Energy bills for new commercial buildings in our state would be higher over the life of the building than for buildings in South Carolina and Mississippi.

According to a report from Appalachian State University, current codes will save North Carolina businesses and residents an average of $67 million per year and save a total of $2 billion over 30 years.


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