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Let DNR Know How YOU Want Michigan's Public Lands Managed!


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Michigan's tradition of public lands and natural resources conservation is threatened by logging, mining and oil and gas interests - Tell the DNR what YOU Think about their Public Lands Plan!!

Michiganders place a high value on our state public lands - and with good cause. Today, YOUR VOICE is needed to ensure our state continues with this tradition of conservation, instead of bowing to logging, mining, oil and gas industries that want our state lands managed to maximize their bottom lines, not for today's and future generations of Michigan residents.

From now until the end of April the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is taking comments on a Draft Public Land Management Plan that will set the direction of managing ALL of Michigan's state parks, state forests, state wildlife and recreation areas, and other state lands, for many years to come.  YOUR VOICE is needed NOW to drown out those who just want to exploit our public lands to line their pockets!

We can be proud of Michigan's tradition of conservation and restoration of our state's natural resources during the last century, and of the progress made to recover and restore biological diversity to our public lands.  After the timber and mining industries pillaged the land and walked away at the turn of the 20th century, leaving millions of acres to tax revert, Michiganders adopted visionary natural resource and environmental laws and policies. Whether is it the recovery of the bald eagle and gray wolf, or the remarkable parks, forests and other public lands available for hunting, camping and hiking, or the many industries that benefit from multiple use, sustainable management of our forests, today Michigan is on our way to recovering our state's natural heritage

But after Michigan tax payers, hunters, anglers and recreationalists have spent decades and billions of dollars to restore the land, the very extractive industries that laid our lands to waste are back with a vengeance.  These corporate giants are spending their dollars in Lansing, with Legislators and the Snyder Adminstration, to take conservation science and the interests of Michigan's citizens out of the equation when it comes to managing, or even continuing to own, our state lands.  And now Michigan's Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has a draft Public Land Management Plan that could have been written by the lobbyists for those industries.

That is where you come in.  

Please take time NOW to send your comments into the DNR telling them why YOU value Michigan's public lands, and how important it is for the DNR to manage those lands based on sound conservation science and with the long term interests of Michigan's citizens in mind! Below is a suggested comment letter -- but we would encourage you to change the letter so that it represents your personal experience and views on this issue!  

If you can attend one of the nine DNR Public Meetings on this Draft Plan, please do!  Find the dates, starting in Waterford April 9 from 6-8 pm, here.


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To [Decision Maker],

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the Draft Public Land Management Plan (Draft Plan) for Michigan's state owned lands.

I urge the DNR to rewrite the Draft Plan with my concerns in mind and resubmit the Plan for extensive public input before it goes forward for approval. Please inform me of any additional opportunities to comment on this Plan. When a final decision is made on the DNR's Public Land Management Plan please send me that information as well.

Thank you for considering my comments.

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