Dorothea Dix Park

Late last year, the Council of State and City of Raleigh finalized a contract that would allow the Dix Campus to become a destination park for all North Carolinians. With views of the Raleigh Skyline, Dix was positioned to join the ranks of America’s great urban parks, inspired by Central Park and Golden Gate Park. Now the new legislature is trying to back out of the contract.

Again, legislators are putting partisan politics before the interests of the people. Activists, city leaders, and state officials worked for 10 years to make the proposed 306 acre park a reality. Now, using the legislature’s power of eminent domain, some members want to void the contract.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Council of State and the City of Raleigh stepped up. Please send a message to your legislator and tell them the state needs to honor its end of the bargain.


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I'm writing today to oppose Senate Bill 334 & House Bill 319, the Dix Park legislation. The lease for the 325 acre property was finalized on December 28, 2012 and accepted by the Council of State. Now, less than three months later, this proposed legislation would condemn the lease.

A destination park is a visionary and popular opportunity that will boost North Carolina's attractiveness to tourists, as well as civic pride in the state's capital city. I urge you to honor the State's contract with the City of Raleigh and vote against the Dorothea Dix lease bills.

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