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Tell Garry Lee: Stop Rewarding Factory Farms in Michigan

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Michigan's sustainable livestock farmers face unfair competition from factory farms that get Farm Bill subsidies, even when they pollute our lakes, streams and groundwater and threaten public health.

Support Michigan's clean, local, sustainable livestock farmers by telling NRCS State Conservationist Garry Lee to level the playing field and stop supporting polluting factory farms.

Help support Michigan's sustainable dairy, poultry, egg and meat producers by sending this message today!  We'll deliver your message directly to NRCS State Conservationist Garry Lee:


  • State Conservationist Garry Lee


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Support Sustainable Farms, not Factory Farms

Dear [Decision Maker],

Michigan's sustainable livestock farmers are facing unfair competition from factory farms that receive millions of dollars of tax payer funded subsidies - even when they are polluting our air and water. I urge you to change the funding priorities for Farm Bill funds in Michigan so that our tax dollars are not rewarding polluting factory farms. It is time to restore the balance in funding so that Michigan's sustainable and organic livestock farmers are given a level playing field when it comes to farm subsidies.

I urge you to make changes to the priorities for spending Farm Bill subsidies in Michigan so that sustainable, environmentally sound farmers do not have to compete against massive, polluting factory farms that are receiving tax funded subsidies.

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