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Tell the Feds: Virginia wants offshore wind power ASAP!

Virginia's Windfall

Tell BOEM: Virginia wants
prompt and full development
of our wind energy area.

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The Federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) invites public comment on a proposed Virginia lease sales contract offering the wind development rights to an area off Virginia’s coast capable of producing as much as 2,400 megawatts of power. That’s enough clean, renewable energy to power over 500,000 homes and attract the level of wind industry investment that nets tens of thousands of good jobs right here in the Commonwealth.

Dominion Virginia Power is one of 8 companies expected to bid for these development rights at the anticipated Spring 2013 auction. However, given its non-existent record of delivering Virginia-made renewable energy to our homes and businesses, we have good reason to be concerned should the utility monopoly win Virginia’s wind energy development rights.

Send BOEM a message urging them to ensure that whoever buys the rights to develop offshore wind in Virginia does so and does so promptly. Delaying development will hurt Virginia’s economy, limit clean energy job growth and threaten our communities with more coastal flooding and sea level rise from climate change.   


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Virginia needs offshore wind power NOW!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I applaud your efforts to carry out the Obama administration's goals to advance Atlantic offshore wind development. We here in Virginia are especially excited about the clean energy and the job creating benefits associated with developing Virginia's current lease sale area.

I urge BOEM to condition Virginia's offshore wind lease sale to expedite development and prevent prolonged delay. Delaying will only hurt our economy, limit clean energy job growth and threaten our communities with more coastal flooding and sea level rise.

The estimated 2,000-2,400 megawatts available in this area is large enough to attract wind industry investment in Virginia but only if developed in its entirety and developed promptly. Industry investment will move to other states and even other countries if development is phased in over too prolonged a time frame.

In the next decade, we want to see not just full development of this first wind energy area, but also lease sales for other areas off Virginia's coast. That won't happen if the Feds allow the winning developer to delay development beyond a decade. The winning bidder should be required to conduct a site assessment covering the entire wind energy area over the next 4 years so we see commercial development of the total area as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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