Move California to Stop Wasting Groundwater

California is the only Western state without mandated groundwater management. The severe drought is providing an opportunity for the state to address this issue. 

AB 1739 and SB 1168, by Assemblymember Dickinson and Senator Pavley respectively, will provide a framework for statewide management with a two-pronged approach.  These bills will give local government necessary authorities and tools to manage groundwater that will cater to their geographical needs.  In conjunction, the state will have opportunities to step in if enforcement requirements are not met.

Lack of management has put a lot of aquifers in California in dire conditions.  Continued overdraft from aquifers is leading to land subsidence, poor water quality for consumption and farming operations, saltwater intrusion, and other environmental impacts. 

We need to make sure that these bills move forward so please contact your legislators today and ask for their support.

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This is the last week the legislature will meet and a vote on these bills will occur before the end of the week. Please call your assemblymember and senator now. If you receive an answering machine, leave a message.

“Hello, my name is ___(your name)________ and I live in __(city or community). I am calling to ask __(Assemblymember or Senator)_____ to support AB 1739 and SB 1168, the groundwater management bills.

California is the last Western state without groundwater management and we cannot afford further delay.

With the prolonged severe drought, reliance on groundwater will only increase and without proper management, that valuable resource will be depleted.  Again, I urge your boss to support AB 1739 and SB 1168 to make sure that communities have clean and reliable water source.

Thank you.”

One call right now will make a difference!