Don’t Let the Legislature be Fooled by Dam Builders 

The legislature is negotiating what kind of water bond to put on the November ballot. Some legislators are demanding that they won’t provide the votes for a bill placing a bond on the ballot unless it contains billions of dollars for storage and is continuously appropriated.

Storage, for those people, is a euphemism for dams.  They know they can’t justify those dams and raise the money needed for those dams unless they get public funding. The dams are tremendously expensive and won’t provide new water. But they will destroy the environment.

By continuously appropriating the storage money, there would be no legislative oversight about how that money would be spent in the future. It is unfathomable, but true, that some legislators want less accountability because they know that accountability will stop money from being spent on expensive, ineffective storage projects.

Please call your legislators and urge them not to forfeit their oversight of bond funding. Don’t worry if you receive a voice machine; just leave a message.

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Sample script:

My name is _____ and I am calling to tell my legislator: 

  • Any water bond needs to have accountability.
  • A continuous appropriation for storage funding flies in the face of accountability
  • I urge [legislator’s name] to oppose any water bond that includes a continuous appropriation for storage. And any storage funding should have criteria that ensures it is spent responsibly to benefit Californians around the state.
  • The legislature needs control over the allocation of funding to ensure that the water supply projects are in the best interest of the public and the environment.
  • Prioritizing dam projects over alternative storage projects, such as groundwater replenishment, is too costly and environmentally damaging and won’t get water where it needs to go. 

One call right now will make a difference!