Help protect local clean renewable energy! 

In 2002, the legislature passed AB 117, giving California’s cities the option to purchase greener and cleaner energy through community choice aggregation (CCA). The law provides more energy options to communities who have chosen to create a local, public, not-for-profit and government alternative to big utilities that depend on centralized dirty energy plants.

This bill was a big win for clean energy. The program was structured as an “opt-out” program. That meant electricity customers within a community were automatically enrolled as participants in a CCA, but had the option of removing themselves from the program and remaining with the big utility company if they wanted. This design made it feasible for CCAs to enter a market where big energy monopolies dominate.

AB 2145 will undo the gains made by AB 117. It will instead require customers to actively opt-in in order to get energy from the CCAs. This bill would essentially eliminate the level playing field established by AB 117. It would limit communities’ choice on energy sources and further reinforce the big utilities’ monopoly and energy vice grip on the people of California.

AB 2145 will come up for its first committee vote in the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee soon. Your assembly member sits on that committee. Call him or her today and urge a NO vote on AB 2145.

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My name is _____ and I am calling to urge Assemblymember _______ to vote NO on AB 2145 when it comes to the Utilities and Commerce Committee.

AB 2145 will essentially kill existing and new community choice aggregation programs. It will eliminate an important clean energy option for ratepayers and it violates the original intent of AB 117, which was passed by the California legislature in 2002.

Most importantly, AB 2145 undermines California’s environmental goals and it infringes upon local government’s decision-making. This bill is unnecessary.

Please relay my request that Assemblymember ______ vote NO on AB 2145.

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